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Rope Wrapped Outdoor Sofa Set RASF 170 | ATC Furniture | 2019

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Exterior furnishing is not an easy task, espcially when it comes to materials. We might all want a kind of furniture that is easy to maintain or rearrange, lasts for years and, of course, with the most reasonable cost possible. Among various types of materials available, wood and synthetic rattan appear to be the two most popular. But “Which suits my exterior space best?”, you might be wondering. Don’t worry, Let’s find out with ATC Outdoor Synthetic Rattan Furniture Supplier

more information: https://atc-craft.com/products

Outdoor Unique Japanese Style Sofa Set RASF-184 | ATC Furniture

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Outdoor Unique Japanese Style Sofa Set RASF-184 by ATC Outdoor Wicker Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier in Vietnam
Readmore at: https://atc-craft.com

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ATC Furniture Team Building Da Lat Camp | 2018


ATC Outdoor and Indoor Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier

Any restaurant owner would want its place to be attractive that visitors cannot easily forget. The restaurant furniture for the area is really important. It portrays the style of the dining area as well as the building in general. It also provides seats for visitors to fully enjoy the meals at the eating places.
Restaurant furniture in charming dining places
Restaurant furniture in charming dining places
Knowing the importance of restaurant furniture is necessary. Yet knowing how to choose the suitable one is more crucial. Nothing better than seeing the chairs and tables in real life, placed in actual restaurants. Together, let’s discover what’s behind these amazing dining places.

Continental Hotel Saigon’s dining space – rustic indoor restaurant furniture

Every day, the Continental Hotel Saigon welcomes lots of visitors from many countries in the world. Different from other local hotels, this place has its own way to shine. Neither using luxurious decorations nor sophisticated design, the hotel maintains a classic style.
Rustic indoor water hyacinth furniture in the eating place
Rustic indoor water hyacinth furniture in the eating place
Specifically, the owners choose rustic water hyacinth restaurant furniture for its dining area. Reddish brown wood combines with natural wicker to create rustic tables, chairs and bar stools. These items blend in well with the style of the area. Reddish brown and white tone creates a traditional yet stylish and warming restaurant.
Tip: Do not only use wooden tables and chairs. Make your restaurant space a focal point with a combination of different materials. For example, in a bistro set below, the light brown of water hyacinth is the highlight.
A wood tone bistro set made of water hyacinth and wood
A bistro set made of 2 different materials: water hyacinth and wood

Pullman Danang Beach Resort – refreshing with simple outdoor wicker furniture

Many restaurants or dining areas nowadays are outdoor. Pullman Danang Beach Resort has a modern exterior dining space.
Wicker dining sets at outdoor dining area of Pullman Danang Beach Resort
Modern outdoor dining area of Pullman Danang Beach Resort
For areas in direct contact with such external environment, choosing the right restaurant furniture becomes even more important. The crucial thing here is the material. In order to be able to place outdoor, the restaurant furniture must have good durability, be water-resistant, and not fade in the sun. That is the reason why Pullman Danang Beach Resort chooses restaurant tables and chairs from ATC Furniture, a leading manufacturer and exporter of rattan furniture in Vietnam.
Outdoor rattan wicker dining set from ATC Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer
Outdoor wicker dining set from ATC Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer
The factory makes products using high-quality plastic rattan and powder coated aluminum. These materials allow the furniture to withstand the rain and sunlight. Owners can arrange or store the movable cushions when needed.
Tip: Use slim chairs with soft cushions and pillows. They take less space yet still being comfortable.

The Island Lodge has a classic dining place

While Continental has a dining space that looks like an old noble house, The Island Lodge provides a feeling of a countryside home.
A classic dining setting at The Island Lodge
A classic dining setting at The Island Lodge
Some restaurants want to keep a simple style. The Island Lodge, for example, has a dining place like that. Many people love the traditional dining setting. It includes only rectangular or square tables and chairs. The decorations nearby refer to a rustic Vietnamese village with fake bamboo and wooden pillar. Although it’s simple and common-found, restaurant furniture in this area is still high-quality and durable over time. It’s all thanks to the materials: HDPE rattan wicker, powder coated aluminum frame, and water resistant fabric.
Tip: How to use modern rattan chairs but still make the dining area formal? Add tablecloth and utensils on the dining table.
Tablecloth and utensils create a formal feeling to the restaurant
Tablecloth and utensils create a formal feeling to the restaurant
There are many restaurant furniture suppliers that you can find on the internet. ATC Vietnam Wicker Furniture Manufacturer is one of those experienced furniture manufacturers. Many owners have trusted the company and get many items for their restaurants and dining areas. 3 amazing places above are just some of them. You can create a nice place yourself with the help of these good outdoor dining sets.

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